Marsden Hartley


Marsden Hartley, one of the first American artists to paint in a completely abstract mode, was part of a circle of artists, including Georgia O’Keeffe and Arthur Dove, who congregated around photographer Alfred Stieglitz. Hartley’s work incorporated abstract trends that he witnessed during in Europe during the 1910s. While his early abstract style met with resistance in the States, Hartley continued to paint with the vivid colors, sharp contrasts, simplified forms, and ambiguous space that he mastered early in his career. His landscape paintings, imbued with the spirit of 19th century American Transcendentalism are a uniquely American version of modernism that resonate among younger contemporary artists today. (The Art Story)

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A Long Lost Work from the WPA
A Long Lost Work from the WPA

In this series, the curatorial team presents one work from the Meural art library we find essential.

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