Eugène Delacroix


Eugène Delacroix is widely regarded as the leader of the Romantic movement in 19th century French art. His life and work embodied the movement’s concern for emotion, exoticism, and the sublime, and his painting style—full of lush, agitated brushwork that pulsates with color—was in direct contrast to the cool and controlled delineations of his peer and rival, Ingres. Delacroix eschewed academic conventions in his choice of subjects, favoring scenes from contemporary history rendered on a large scale in the most dramatic of fashions, with visibly energized brushwork and dynamic figural compositions. Delacroix’s work also embodies Romanticism’s obsession with the exotic Other, seen in his paintings inspired by a transformational trip to North Africa. (The Art Story)

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The Hidden Power of the Reclining Nude

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